Surgical Procedures

There may come a time when your pet will need to undergo surgery. Our veterinarians have experience performing a variety of soft tissue pet surgeries. As with every other service we offer, we make your pet’s safety and comfort a #1 priority with our surgical services, and we abide by AAHA’s surgery protocols. Our Standards of Care Protocols for patient surgery and anesthesia at Arcata Animal Hospital help ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. Our team of dedicated nurses continuously monitor and support your pet using advanced equipment to monitor your pet’s vital signs and maintain their blood pressure, body temperature, and respiratory function. Whether your pet is in need of a spay/neuter procedure or some other soft tissue surgery, we can help!

Pet Surgery in Arcata

Additional Surgical Services

Arcata Animal Hospital is excited to partner with Dr. Scott Fetherston to offer a wide range of advanced surgical options for our patients locally. Dr. Fetherston comes to our practice 1-2 times a month on an as-needed basis. He is able to provide a wide variety of advanced surgical services, including internal fixation and bone plating for fracture repair, patella surgery and anterior cruciate ligament stabilizing surgeries.

We understand that it can be stressful and a bit scary to have your pet undergo surgery. If you have concerns or questions, get in touch with us at 707-822-2402 or to meet and discuss your options. We want you to make the most informed decisions regarding your pet’s well-being.

Pet Surgery in Arcata